About Alain le Loux MSc. MBA

About me

Alain le Loux MSc. MBA has 25+ years’ experience in Technology on board level positions (former member of the Executive committee of multinational Getronics PinkRoccade; 1.000 employees – 120 mln revenue) and as CEO of startups (2008: CEO of Virobuster Technologies). Alain graduated in 1994 at the University of Twente with a double Master’s degree + post-study Communications Management. During his corporate career Alain was board member in different companies. Alain is, since 2008, angel investor and an expert in strategy, marketing, product launching, pricing and international business acceleration.

Alain was one of the founders (2010) of the European Accelerator Program for the European Institute for Technology and Innovation and coached more than 200 high-tech startups / scaleups in Europe.

Alain le Loux has a huge network in and direct access to all relevant ecosystems in Europe (Berlin, London, Paris, Helsinki, Leuven, Stockholm, Munich, Milan, Amsterdam, Twente, Eindhoven, Delft, etc.). International business experience in Europe, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, US, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Dubai. 5,000+ LinkedIn connections.

Alain le Loux graduated in 2001 cum laude for an Executive MBA at Business School Nederland.

Keywords: venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, CEO, technology scout, coach, business accelerator, valorisation expert, specialist in strategy, pricing, market access, global business development, dealmaker, getting things done, inspirator, inventive, creative, financial focus, business driven, 25+ years in business (multinationals & startups). International network in different sectors.

Startup coach since 2001; coached more than 200 startups / scaleups.

Keynote speaker about startups, scaleups, unicorns, entrepreneurship & disruptive technology.

– Executive MBA (Marketing, Strategy, HRM, Finance, IT, Operations, International Business)
– University of Twente: Computer Science & Technology Management
– University of Twente: Communications